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Tupperware Steam It -11122645

By  Tupperware
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Product Descriptions


  • 1 Tier: 20.6cm (D) x 22.9cm (L) (with handle) x 12.8cm (H)  
  • 2 Tier: 20.6cm (D) x 22.9cm (L) (with handle) x 18.0cm (H)

A marinade container to season meat and vegetables, alternatively used to knead dough.

Recognising the virtues of steaming food, Tupperware Brands takes tradition, further with the revolutionary Steam It. This innovative concept of an Asian steamer preserves the traditional characteristics of the bamboo steamer while enchancing functional benefits.

* Curve of the domed cover inside allows water condensation to drain to the sides instead on food

* A longer overlap at base between tiers adds more stability and keeps steam trully sealed in.


Use & Care

Delicious Tips:

  • Ensure the ingredients used are of the freshest quality.
  • Choose cuts of meat that are fast-to-cook. Trim excess fat and cut across the grain for tenderness. If frozen, defrost completely before cooking.
  • Choose vegetables and fruit that are unblemished and fresh in colour.
  • If cooking more than one dish togather, ensure the sizes or portions are almost similar in size so they cook within the same time.
  • If cooking more than one tier, allow more time for upper tiers furtheraway from the steam.
  • Always place meat and fish so the juice will not taint food in the lower tiers.
  • Allow space between foods to let steam circulate and cook evenly.

Streaming Boiling Deep-Frying
15% vitamin C loss 25% - 70% vitamin C loss
and more over prolonged
The higher the temperature, the greater the loss of vitamin C
15% folic acid loss 35% folic acid loss Loss of folic acid functions in deep frying
Retains nutrients Leaches nutrients to water High heat kills nutrients
Retains antioxidants better Antioxidant value reduced Significantly higher antioxidant loss
Fat not required Additional fat required Uses plenty of fat
Result: tender & juicy Result: bland Result: dry and oily

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Tupperware Steam It -11122645 Tupperware Steam It -11122645


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