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Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer - 11122639

By  Tupperware
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Product Description

Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer - 11122639

Be 100% SURE of what you feed your family

There is just something different about food prepared fresh at home. Plus, you'll know the ingredients that go into your food. Now, with the Fusion Master, it's so easy for you to infuse your own flavors into an array of food such as burger patties, sausages, meat jerky, meat skewers, even yong taufu. Now you can be 100% that your food has no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial colorings.

Create a wide range of tasty meat recipes for your family that’s healthy and big in flavors. Every turn guarantees 100% pure minced meat so your family is ensured of quality freshness in every bite, made with love.

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Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer - 11122639 Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer - 11122639


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