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Tupperware Extra Chef (1pc) 1.35L - 11115060

By  Tupperware
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Product Descriptions

Tupperware Extra Chef (1pc) 1.35L - 11115060

Powerful little helpers that saves big on time!

Cooking has never been so easy. With the Extra Chef, home cooked meals can now be prepared without the long, tedious prepping style. Use the Extra Chef to blend, emulsify and chop with complete ease - saving you time and energy cause it uses no electricity!

Mix - Mix omelets batters for pancakes, mousses and other desserts with the paddle whisk. The 1.35L base is large enough for mixing entire cakes.

Blend - Curved blades lift ingredients with each pull of the cord for incredibly thorough processing. Perfect for making smoothly blended omelets, baby food, smoothies, guacamole, salsa, tzatziki, hummus and dips or spreads.

Emulsify - Mix liquids that don't easily blend (like oil and water). Funnel helps to slowly add liquid so you can easily emulsify your own dressings, marinades and mayos.

Chop - Power prep veggies with the simple pull of the cord, it's easy to make your family something better and fresher.


  • 1.35L


  • L8.4 x W8.4 x H6.3 cm

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Tupperware Extra Chef (1pc) 1.35L - 11115060 Tupperware Extra Chef (1pc) 1.35L - 11115060


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