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Parklon PABE Baby Hip Seat Carrier

By  Parklon
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By Parklon

Product Description

Hip Seat 

Reduce the stress on the spine cords and pelvis for mothers and conveniently hold babies.

  • Hold babies fast and conveniently for mothers safety holding babies when moving short distance or at home compared to the large baby carrier.

  1. Take the hip seat to the back holding the belt around the waist tightly.
  2. Adjust the button strips of the belt and pull the cord to the front.
  3. Place babies on the hip seat and make him/her comfortable.

Carrier + Hip Seat

Connecting carrier reduces the burden on the waist

  • If there is stress on the waist for the use of only hip seat due to increased weight of baby, it diffuses the weight of baby focused on the waist for the convenient use.

 When you feel the baby's weight on your waist as using only the hip seat, you can attach the carrier for deconcentrating the baby's weight to your whole body.

  1. Connect carrier with the hip seat and wear it on the waist on top of pelvis.
  2. Place baby on the hip seat and hold baby with one hand for wearing shoulder belt.(same for the shoulder stripe on the other side)
  3. Put on the shoulder belts on both sides and check the baby.(Check whether baby is sat comfortably and properly)
  4. Tight the buckle behind the shoulder belt and pull the cord.

Minimize the burden on the shoulder

Minimize the burden on the shoulder with the thick pad if using it with baby for a long time and add the feeling of cushion with large and thick pad.

Large and safe waist belt/close

It is available for attaching tightly with the wide velcro tape. Also it can be used easily for men as well as women as adjusting to 118cm at most rightly fit on your size.

Micro modal hood with the use of natural materials

Hood is made by micro modal as the natural materials. Sleeping hood contacting on the sensitive skin of babies is made by natural materials extracted by the chest trees for the safe and classic use and also making it feasible to proceed fashionable styles with European style design.


The sleeping hood is made with the natural material Micro modal extracted  from a beech is fitted for the baby which has a sensitive skin


The hood can help the baby's sleep comfortable as protecting the baby from a strong sunlight and a wind. Also it can hold the baby's neck not to tip to the back side while sleeping.

The Micro modal developed from Lenzing in Austria is extracted from a beech. If feels so soft and is usually used for a high-quality underwear material.

Botanic Silk

  • Measurements of the softness factor show that Lenzing Modal is twice as soft as cotton. The finer the fiber, the finer the textile becomes.

Highly flexible molding form hip seat

No need to worry about sliding your baby as using a synthetic rubber on the hip seat. Also there is a high elastic moulding form inside the hip seat. It can help your baby seat down comfortable and safe.

Dual safe locking device

With zipper and buckle! Zipper and buckle compose the dual safety lock device not to separate connecting area of the hip seat and baby carrier.


You can feel weight most on your waist while you wear a baby carrier.

Pabe uses the strong safety lock buckle.

Use for four reason with 3D mesh fabric

Circulate air well during the summer preventing sweat flowing down and maintain the temperature of the body in the use of high quality functional 3D mesh fabric.

It is made with the 3D mesh materials. It has ventilation effect in summer and keeps warming in winter.

Pabe Usage


The carrier only for moms? No~It is made comfortable to wear for adult men.

The hood is protective for the baby's head safety when the sunlight strong and babies fall asleep.    

You can feel comfortable with wearing the carrier on the back in case of carrying something big and moving for a long time when you feel change your pose.

You can wear the hip seat as same as the baby's eyes~Wearing it to the front side.

It can be easy to check and contact with babies condition when you wear the carrier on the chest.                             

It is effective to wear only the hip seat when you go for a walk or move indoors.                                                                                                                                            

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Parklon PABE Baby Hip Seat Carrier Parklon PABE Baby Hip Seat Carrier


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